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Previous Editions

June 26th

  • Opyn closes a $2.1M seed round for a generalized option protocol
  • Balancer distributes BAL governance tokens from 3 weeks of liquidity mining
  • Ampleforth launches AMPL Uniswap incentives through Geyser
  • Kyber Network announced Kyber Community Pool for KyberDAO KNC zero-fee delegation
  • mStable shares plans for MTA governance token distribution using mUSD liquidity incentives

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June 12th

  • Curve integrates the RenVM for permissionless BTC onramps
  • Aave crossed $100M in market size
  • The Graph Protocol partners with ChainLink for powerful middleware
  • Synthetix adds Balancer incentives for SNX/USDC liquidity
  • Opium Network launches pre-market trading for COMP and BAL

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June 5th

  • Balancer Labs starts liquidity mining for BAL governance tokens
  • OMG Network launch Layer 2 scaling on mainnet with support for USDT
  • Numerai raised $3M via an NMR tokensale for Erasure development
  • Deversifi release V2 of their privacy-focused L2 DEX.
  • DeFi reaches $1B in Total Value Locked!

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May 29th

  • Ren Protocol launches the RenVM
  • Compound releases details on COMP governance token distribution
  • Aave integrates Uniswap LP tokens for the creation of a Uniswap Money Market
  • Consensys acquires Fluidity – the team behind AirSwap and the Tokenized Asset Portfolio
  • mStable debuts their new stablecoin – mUSD

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May 15th

  • VISA files a patent for a stablecoin development
  • Eris X launches US regulated ETH futures
  •  RAC partners with ZORA for an exclusive TAPE drop
  •  Balancer debuts its governance token – BAL
  •  Aave releases improvements to their interest rate model

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May 8th

  • Aave teases new governance upgrade
  •  Maker elects to support WBTC as collateral to mint DAI
  •  Synthetix debuts their new L2 exchange with a testnet trading competition
  •  Strike Protocol announces its protocol to introduce 20x leverage on any asset
  •  IDEO introduces the SAFG token distribution model

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May 1st

  • UMA’s Initial Uniswap Listing launches with a bang
  •  Keep Network goes live on mainnet with tBTC
  •  Compound elects to support USDT as collateral
  •  The LAO launches a for-profit investment DAO
  • Bancor announces it’s V2 design to eliminate impermanent loss

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