In a rapidly growing ecosystem, top DeFi companies are always on the lookout for new talent to build the next generation of financial primitives.

This job board is meant to direct users towards positions that we feel best embody the ethos and future potential of DeFi at large.

Disclaimer: This list is updated periodically and pulled directly from listings made either on the company’s site or on a third-party website.

What To Know About Working in DeFi

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of DeFi is that there are career opportunities for users of all skill sets. Here are a few areas where we recommend brushing up on before getting in touch with any of the companies listed below.

  • Composability – Whether you’re a developer who knows Solidity or someone handling business development, it’s crucial to understand how smart contracts work and their critical role in DeFi composability.
  • Twitter Presence – While certainly not required, we’ve found that most discourse regarding DeFi happens on Twitter. For a list of top accounts to follow to get caught up to speed, please reference our list of top accounts in 2020.
  • Ecosystem Overview – When going into a job interview, it’s always a plus to have knowledge about competitors in the field. To stay up on the top DeFi projects in any given sector, check out our project overviews.

Generally speaking, DeFi is moving fast and is highly collaborative. The more ties a candidate can pull from for references, recommendations or reviews, the better chance they stand at landing the job!

Got suggestions on what you’ve found to be effective in landing your current DeFi position? DM us on Twitter so we can update our list!

Top DeFi Jobs in 2021

We’re hiring for content writers and a managing editor, feel free to reach out to [email protected] if this is of interest to you.  Additionally, here’s a list of top DeFi companies hiring in 2021.

Compound Finance

Sector: Lending

Headquarters: San Francisco

Listing: Compound Jobs

For context on Compound Finance, check out our compound review.


Sector: DEX, Lending, Derivatives 

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Listing: dYdX Career Page

For context on dYdX, check out our dYdX review.

Set Protocol

Sector: Asset Management

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Listing: Set Protocol Jobs

For context on Set Protocol, check out our Set Protocol review.


Sector: Savings

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Listing: Dharma Jobs

For context on Set Protocol, check out our Dharma review.


Sector: DEX

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Listing: Uniswap Jobs

Apply: [email protected]

For context on Uniswap, check out our Uniswap review.


Sector: Lending

Headquarters: Remote

Listing: Maker Jobs

For context on Maker, check out Maker review.


Sector: Lending

Headquarters: London

Listing: Aave Jobs

For context on Aave, check out our Aave review.


Sector: Derivatives

Headquarters: Remote

Listing: Synthetix Jobs

For context on Synthetix, check out our Synthetix review.


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