Our Mission

Here at DeFi Rate, we’re focused on providing strong resources to explain the value of decentralized financial applications in a digestible manner.

As a group of crypto enthusiasts, we aim to demystify DeFi in an attempt to teach non-technical users how to access the endless opportunities we write about each day.

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DeFi Rate Team

Cooper Turley – EDITOR – As the Managing Director for Fitzner Blockchain Consulting, Cooper works with blockchain projects to construct compelling narratives and create valuable products. He is an active contributor to DAOs like MetaCartel and Moloch in an attempt to seed the Ethereum ecosystem.

Lucas Campbell ANALYST – As the Research Director at Fitzner Blockchain Consulting, Lucas leads data analytics for blockchain startups with a strong focus on token economic design. He was featured in Bankless, leading the charge behind the “Ethereum Economic Bandwith” movement.


Alejandro Miguel – WRITER – Alejandro is a New-Zealand based trader and writer who has been involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space since early 2016. Being extremely passionate about this emerging technology, he has written content for a myriad of projects and news outlets.