UMA had previously announced its KPI Options token campaign and now the airdrop is ready to be claimed by its many recipients. These particular KPI Options are named uTVL-0621. These tokens will be redeemable in 3 months time,’0621′ in the token name signifies the month and year that the option token will expire.

Users that had wallet addresses included in the previous UMA announcement can head to the claim portal to get their option tokens. As UMA’s total value locked (TVL) grows, the more these KPI Option tokens will be worth. To help token recipients organize and easily collaborate to reach their TVL goal, the UMA team has created the “Super Uman campaign” & associated discord group.

Super Umans is the nickname given to those that volunteer to help support the TVL campaign and increase UMA’s TVL over the next 3 months. Join the Super Uman discord to get started! The core team expects the community to achieve it’s TVL goals through three main avenues:

  1. Encourage other projects to launch Call Options
  2. Help to brainstorm additional Yield Dollar products

To make it easy for UMA supporters to share the news about KPI options, resource materials such as this one-pager have been created to explain to project teams how KPI options work. Besides successfully launching the KPI tokens the UMA team has also been busy kickstarting their Coinbase Earn program which is sure to help spread additional awareness and potentially increase the protocol’s TVL as well.

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