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What would this be without a mention of Binance Smart Chain. While this is “DeFi Rate”, we must pay respect to the market, and the market has shown interest in the cuddly new products soaking up TVL on the brainchild of CZ. Pancakeswap surpassed Uniswap volume, largely due to $0.20 transaction fees and near real-time settlement, many degens are flocking to the latest yields with a feeling reminiscent of the earliest days of DeFi.

However, it’s not all about BSC. Pool Together showcased their POOL token with a retroactive airdrop – allowing users to earn rewards for participating in the no-loss lottery that takes DeFi composability to exciting new use cases. 1inch surprised it’s users with a second retroactive airdrop too. Not too shabby!


As everyone has surely seen, NFT marketplace volume spiked as collectors and trading volume more than tripled since last week. Names like Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation, Zora, Rarible and OpenSea are quickly becoming household names as anyone and everyone scrambles to get their hands on scarce digital collectibles.


Syntehtix raised $12 million in a funding round led by Paradigm and Coinbase Ventures through a direct purchase of SNX tokens from the SynthetixDAO. The venture firms plan to be involved in governance and to provide SNX as liquidity collateral. Paradigm has made several direct DeFi token investments, and is praised by many as being the most hands-on investment fund in the space.


Speaking of Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange passed $100 billion in trading volume this week, a milestone that would have seemed almost impossible less than a year ago. In fact, overall DEX volume for 2021 has already surpassed $100 billion and we’re not even into March yet. Could we see $1 trillion by the end of the year? At the rate the industry is growing, doesn’t seem all that impossible… Stay tuned.

New primitives keep coming with the mainnet launch of RAI from Reflexer Labs, an asset designed to be stable without being pegged to a specific currency. RAI has seen years of development and months of testing, and should offer another alternative to algorithmic and elastic-supply assets for retaining value during down markets.


Almost a year into DeFi’s meteoric rise and with the NFT market taking off, there’s no denying that some of the lowest hanging fruit in the crypto market has been picked. But as protocols like Pool Together and new assets like RAI show, innovation and fair distributions are becoming the norm, not the exception, and there’s loads of opportunity still just waiting to be discovered for those willing to go looking for it.

In fact, with so many competing projects in different crypto market segments, the biggest challenge might just be keeping up with everything that’s going on. Whatever you do, don’t forget that everyone’s a genius in a bull market!

Interest Rates


Highest YieldsdYdX at 14.25% APY, Fulcrum at 12.75% APY

Cheapest LoansCoinList at 3.00% APY, Aave at 7.07% APY

MakerDAO Updates

DAI Savings Rate: 0.00%

Base Fee: 0.00%

ETH Stability Fee: 4.50%

USDC Stability Fee: 0.00%

WBTC Stability Fee: 4.50%


Highest YieldsdYdX at 47.29% APY,  Fulcrum at 15.06% APY

Cheapest LoansCoinList at 1% APY, Aave at 7.57% APY

Top Stories

PoolTogether Airdrops Native Token

Pool Together rewards participants with another governance token airdrop.

Reflexer Labs Launches RAI

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1inch Completes Second Airdrop

1inch airdrops more governance tokens for traders in 2021.

Bitwise Launches World’s First DeFi Crypto Index Fund

Traditional investors have a new way to get in on the DeFi craze.

InsureDAO launches P2P Algorithmic Insurance

InsureDAO launches p2p insurance for a more robust DEFi ecosystem.

Stat Box

Total Value Locked$42.05B (up 2.41% since last week)

DeFi Market Cap$85.11B (up 2.58%)

DEX Weekly Volume$13.35B (down -7.87%)

DAI Supply2.34B (up 14.7%)

Total DeFi Users1,449,000 (up 4.55%)

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