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This week, 0x protocol announced in partnership with Celo the allocation of $4.5 million to the 0xCommunity DAO, intended to help onboard the next wave of crypto users to Celo’s mobile first decentralized ecosystem. Funds will go towards promoting adoption of 0x-powered apps on the Celo platform.


Pods Finance announced the launch of their decentralized options platform on Arbitrum, bringing new crypto hedging opportunities to the Arbitrum L2 ecosystem. Pods also announced they plan to build on both optimistic and zk rollups to make their products available to as broad an audience as possible.



Liquidity aggregator Woo Network announced support for Avalanche, with WOO tokens being added to the Avalanche Bridge and seeded with $15m in stating liquidity. The smart liquidity protocol will direct funds across a multichain ecosystem, with new Avalanche support for the WOO X professional exchange.


And popular DeFi indexing products DPI and MVI from DeFiPulse’s Index Coop are now natively available on Polygon, making it cheaper and easier to bet on the broad success of DeFi and the metaverse without tracking down individual gems and managing a personal DeFi portfolio.


Crypto markets have been choppy this week, and if there were any questions about correlation with the broader financial markets, by now they’ve been all but quashed. It may be surprising for some, but the integration of Bitcoin and crypto into the real economy was always going to come with some trade-offs compared to early days.

Another unwelcome correlation is that of many front end access points to DeFi falling victim to the AWS outage that took down dozens of popular mainstream sites and services. AWS has become such a commoditized resource that it’s hard to blame developers for leveraging the service, but outages like the one this week show the risk in that approach. While crypto projects have some options that can replace the functionality of AWS, few are robust and reliable enough to service even the existing DeFi users today, let alone the millions more that will join the ecosystem in the coming years.

With DAOs proliferating at a rapid pace and remote work trends making talent and opportunities more accessible than ever before, we’re likely to see new organizations arise in the coming years to take on precisely these type of large scale technical challenges – some of the final components in achieving a truly decentralized foundation for the internet and digital asset ecosystems.

The big question is, will DAO-style coordination really be able to effectively build a business that Amazon has come to dominate? It seems far-fetched today given the scope of the task and the resources available to existing players, but this industry iterates and improves so quickly, I wouldn’t rule anything out just yet. Just keep building.


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