SushiSwap – the decentralized automated market maker – has released a detailed blog post describing their 2021 roadmap and hinting at various major developments.

The SushiSwap community has grown to be one of the largest and most organic DeFi communities in the space and according to the article shared above, they have big plans for 2021.

Updates coming this new year include upgrades to Deriswap, the launch of BentoBox, changes to the SushiSwap domain, Governance changes, the Miso Launchpad, cross-chain integrations, and finally the adoption of Zk-rollups as the preferred layer 2 scaling solution.

As a quick reminder, Deriswap is essentially just Sushiswap V2. In addition to the Deriswap AMM, the SushiSwap team is also introducing another set of updates nicknamed “Mirin“. Some highlights from the Mirin update include franchised pools, double yield, dynamic yield re-balancing, 1–click zaps and more. You can read more about Mirin in detail here.

The BentoBox product that will first enable lending but also serve as the foundation for additional financial products built on-top of the liquidity and assets sitting in the BentoBox.

As SushiSwap will now be a part of the Yearn ecosystem they will also be updating and consolidating their domains to better reflect this new organizational structure.

Miso is the token launchpad product, you can think of it like a decentralized version of Binance Launchpad.

SushiSwap will also aim to become a true cross-chain AMM by connecting with Rune (Cosmos) and Moonbeam (Polkadot). Beyond these integrations, SushiSwap will also be partnering with ArcherDAO. Other projects like FRAX, DSD, and BAO are also mentioned.

While Syntheix and Uniswap have both openly committed to test-trialing Optimism Rollups as their layer-2 solution of choice, SushiSwap along with the rest of the Yearn ecosystem seems to be betting on Zk-rollups instead.

2021 looks to be off to an exciting start for SushiSwap, keep up with the latest by following their Twitter.