As we step into another exciting week in crypto, the emerging trend of personal token sales continues to heat up.

Earlier today, a prominent member of the DeFi community Kerman Kohli announced an Initial $KERMAN Offering – raising $30k on the back of personal tokens issued on Roll.

This announcement comes just days after the NFT-backed $WHALE was announced and just a few weeks after the Initial $ALEX Offering. What’s special about $KERMAN (and frankly what impresses me most about these types of sales) is the well-thought-out and unique nature of this particular offering – namely the variety of incentives and schemas set to drive value for those who are long on Kerman.


A common theme among personal token sales is that of a young entrepreneur or high profile individual looking to raise on the back of their reputation. For more frequent DeFi power users, you’ve likely heard of DeFi Weekly – Kerman’s newsletter on all things DeFi. Just a few weeks back, Kerman announced a Premium membership which becomes relevant to $KERMAN as we’ll see below.

Outside of the rising newsletter, Kerman has been involved with a number of successful projects, most notably Immutable and their involvement with the top crypto game Gods Unchained. What this goes to say is that Kerman is not one to simply ride the hype of personal tokens to make a quick buck. He has long since proven his ability to execute and deliver value to the wider crypto ecosystem and is now leveraging that experience to build a dedicated community aligned through the new and exciting trend of social currency.

$KERMAN Details

Issued through Roll (the same platform which issued both $ALEX and $WHALE), $KERMAN is capped at a max supply of 10M. The initial offering will sell 1.5M $KERMAN at $0.02/token – raising $30k in exchange for 15% of the max supply.

As for the uses, $KERMAN can be redeemed for:

  • Coverage in DeFi Weekly
  • Consultation from Kerman
  • DeFi Weekly subscriptions
  • a Retweet on Twitter

To drive value back to stakeholders, $KERMAN is also used as follows:

  • Token Burns5% of the revenue earned from DeFi Weekly + all tasks above are used to burn $KERMAN
  • Governance – Tokenholders can signal their thoughts on Kerman’s life decisions such as future employment and DeFi Weekly content choices
  • Access – Those who purchase at least 15k $KERMAN ($300) receive access to an exclusive Telegram group and the ability to participate in early rounds of any future ventures.

Roll Continues to Shine

As we mentioned at the start of this post, $KERMAN is being launched by Roll – the platform behind the issuance of many of the sector’s top personal tokens. This comes as big news for the social currency platform as we’ve now seen three high profile individuals choosing to launch their personal token, likely due in part to Roll participating in the round(s) themselves.

If one thing is for sure, platforms like Roll are redefining the way prominent crypto players leverage their reputation. It’s likely that we will soon see a mudslide of everyone conducting a micro-sale so, for now, we’re glad to have covered those which genuinely offer unique upside to individuals with high growth potential.

Please note that DeFi Rate encourages all of our readers to do their own diligence and proceed with caution. Tokensales of this nature are highly experimental and come with a strong degree of risk. Similarly, Kerman has the ability to reject anyone that he deems unsuited for this offering. As stated in the original article:

“Investing in tokens like $KERMAN is extremely risky and could lead to a total loss of your investment”

Regardless, we’re quite excited to see a rising star in the DeFi community taking his experience to the next level. To stay up with Kerman and all his work, follow him on Twitter.


Shortly after posting this article, we’ve seen a flurry of comments from the wider DeFi community. You can check it out for yourself on our tweet.

The TLDR here is that many are voicing concerns on the legal nature of these sales and the fact that they have little skin in the game.

On the issuer’s side, the question then becomes – how much “skin” is your reputation in an emerging ecosystem like Ethereum worth? Full story tomorrow.