When it comes to building the next generation of financial primitives, it’s important to shine a spotlight on those helping to create these systems from the ground up.

On this page, you can find a list of all our existing interviews – all of which touch on the grander vision of these projects, along with relevant information on their launch process and upcoming changes.

Read our interview with Deniz Omer – Head of Ecosystem Growth at Kyber – on the upcoming Katalyst upgrade.

Read our interview with Lasse Clausen – founding partner of 1kx – on investing in DeFi.

Read our interview with Collin Myers and Mara Schmiedt – Strategist at Activate – on the evolution of tokenomics and their first network launch partner – SKALE.

Read our interview with Hugh Karp – CEO of Nexus Mutual – on the inception of the project and the growing role of protection in DeFi.

Read our interview with Aleksander Larsen – COO of Axie Infinity – on the current state of DeFi and gaming.

Read our interview with Stani Kulechove – CEO of Aave – as we dive into Flash Loans and the future of DeFi.

Read our interview with Alice Corsini – Unveiling the mainnet launch of pTokens – bringing interoperability to DeFi.

Read our interview with Michael Burgess – Head of Operations at Ren Protocol – discussing the latest status of RenVM.

Read our interview with Nodar Janashia – CEO of DeFiZap – on improving the DeFi onboarding experience.

If you or your project are interested in scheduling your own interview, please contact [email protected]