Hydro Protocol has finally launched the new version of their DDEX platform today, after a two-month testing phase.

The new and improved DDEX system takes all of the best features found in DeFi, and packages them in a single platform. Borrowing, lending, and margin trading with up to 5x leverage are all made possible under the same roof, in a decentralized way.

Margin Trading

Aside from offering one of the largest degrees of leverage for any major decentralized exchange, DDEX offers a new and simplified user interface. It allows you to switch between two trading modes: “Basic” and “Pro”.

Basic mode is a simply-presented interface. It’s made for trading scenarios where users simply wish to buy or sell an asset, outright, with no bells and whistles.

Pro mode, on the other hand, is a more intricate interface. It’s designed to provide users with a range of trading options. These include limit orders, stop-limit orders, and full position adjustments.

DDEX themselves have stated their goal is “to offer the most advanced decentralized margin trading experience to date”, and this new release appears to be a great start.

Currently, however, there isn’t much variety to trading pairs available on margin. ETHDAI and ETH-USDT trading pairs are the only options available, for now.

No fees – but for how long?

To celebrate their 2.0 launch, DDEX is offering fee-free trading.