Graph Protocol makes fully decentralized applications a reality with open APIs that enable developers to query blockchain data with GraphQL.

With the rise of DeFi and other crypto enabled value networks, a protocol for organizing the ever-growing pool of open data has become more important than ever. Graph Protocol is building and maintaining the foundation for all crypto applications that utilize open data. With the Graph network, users no longer have to trust teams to operate serves and devs can deploy trustworthy public infrastructure that doesn’t require their active management.

Unlike other “launches” typically seen in this space, Graph Protocol is actually already being used by many of the largest projects in the space like Uniswap, Synthetix, and Aave.

It seems like all the major players in the digital asset space are paying attention to the launch of Graph Network as Coinbase also announced support for the native token of Graph (GRT) on their “Pro” platform.

The immediate support by Coinbase shows that there is a ton of hype and demand for the GRT token. The Graph previously raised $12 million in a public sale through CoinList. The project has quickly become the gold standard for indexing and querying blockchain data, their success thus far is perhaps evidence that The Graph could eventually become a decentralized Google of sorts, helping to parse all the difficult to understand data living on the blockchain.

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