is a one-stop-shop for users to buy, spend and save cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. With a multitude of staking options to unlock various features such as interest rewards, cash-back and rebates, the company is strongly geared towards everyday individuals looking to make the most of their digital asset holdings.

The platform uses two native tokens, MCO and CRO, which serve different roles in the company’s larger ecosystem. MCO, the first token created by the project, is used as a staking mechanism to unlock tiered benefits and to upgrade credit cards with higher feature sets. In short, the more MCO you stake via the mobile application, the higher savings, rebates and cash-back incentives become available to you.

CRO, a newly launched token, is used as the standardized medium of exchange for all transactions on’s blockchain. Similar to any other native blockchain, CRO can be staked to earn when performing different governance actions or utilizing the ecosystems network or merchants and users. Earn

Savings also plays a big role in the larger ecosystem. Seeing as the platform currently offers a “credit” or borrowing service, it only seems logical that they would incentivize their users to store more assets in the platform by offering strong savings rates on a number of digital assets and savings coins.

With Crypto Earn, the more MCO you stake and the longer you stake for, the higher your savings APR becomes. As it is currently written, users will earn the highest savings on when staking CRO, followed by stablecoins and then inherently volatile assets. The savings periods are currently written in three and one month intervals, with an ability to earn a flexible savings rate for those who wish to be able to withdraw at any time.

When lending via Crypto Earn, users agree to *lock* the asset they wish to lend for a predetermined amount of time. At the time of writing, Crypto Earn currently supports their own tokens (MCO and CRO) along with digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, XRP, MKR, LINK and BAT. Stablecoins supported on the platform include USDC, DAI, USDT, PAX and TUSD.

It’s important to note that while MCO staking can be seen as a Crypto Earn “multiplier”, users are required to deposit the specific assets they wish to earn interest on. Interest is listed as “simple daily interest” and will not be compounded. Credit Cards

Perhaps the most novel aspect of the platform was their issuance of VISA-based debit cards. While there were many competitors that tried to offer similar solutions (TenX, FuzeX and Centra being a few that come to mind), was one of the few projects that held an ICO and managed to successfully deliver on their claims to distribute crypto-backed debit cards.

Interestingly enough, the different levels of credit cards are directly tied to the amount of MCO a user stakes via their mobile application. It goes without saying that the more MCO a user stakes, the better credit card they receive. As it relates to traditional goods and services, debit cards allow users to earn rebates on popular services such as Spotify, Netflix, Expedia and AirBnB, along with cash-back on virtually all purchases.

Additional Services

Outside of the VISA cards and lending, also offers a credit, investment and payment solution to all of their users. At the time of writing, credit and investment solutions are not currently available in the United States with the payment solution only supporting purchases of a few lines of merchandise

Background was founded in early-mid 2017 under the name Monaco. The company raised $26.7M in an ICO in June of 2017 at an average price of $2.89/MCO. The website currently lists fifteen different team members, with leadership from Kris Marszalek and a number of other employees who all worked together at a previous enterprise called Ensogo.

Monaco underwent a rebrand to in July of 2018 and has since opened its doors to US applications via a mobile app live on both iOS and Android app stores.

Can you trust

While MCO and CRO are listed on a wide range of well-known exchanges including but not limited to Binance, Bithumb, Bittrex and OKEx, it’s worth noting that the large majority of MCO’s trading volume is coming from LAToken, an exchange notoriously known for wash trading.

Similarly, the company that many of the founder’s worked on prior to the creation of Monaco, Ensogo was noted as closing it’s doors in 2016 (just before the creation of Monaco) for reasons that have been speculated to include unstable cash management and an inability to deliver on flash-sales and promised rewards. There were a number of unexpected layoffs and the public sentiment of the company seems to flipped in the blink of an eye.

With this in mind, we encourage users to proceed with caution as they enter the ecosystem as it’s been noted as a common sentiment by the crypto community at large that may be the new front for previously shady businessmen.


With these risks being said, we must admit that we were very impressed by the progress has made in the midst of a bear market. From active updates and blog posts, the continual addition of new supported assets and a number of exciting future implementations, it’s likely that will continue to be a common service providers for individuals who are new to the digital asset ecosystem at large.