COVER protocol, the decentralized insurance marketplace that originally spun out of the SAFE project has been exploited by various actors.

Attackers found a bug in the smart contract code that enabled them to mint quintillions of COVER, which were then sold on the market, leading to a 94% price dump. The exploit has no effect on the day to day functions of COVER protocol, insurance coverage is working as intended, only the price of the COVER token was affected.

In a strange turn of events, the dev(s) at Grap.Finance an upstart NFT farming project that started as a YAM fork, performed a whitehat exploit of the COVER bug and returned all the ETH profits from selling newly minted tokens to the core team. Grap.Finance essentially saved COVER from total system failure, without the dev(s) returning those funds the COVER team would have a much harder time trying to compensate the affected COVER token holders.

Based on discussions in the COVER community, it seems like there will soon be another token announced. Beyond just a bad day for token holders, this exploit had major ripple effects across the crypto market. Even major exchanges like Binance have paused trading and support for the COVER token.

DeFi Indexes like YETI from the Powerpool team had to take emergency measures to ensure the COVER dump didn’t drag the entire index down with it. Due to the AMM nature of PowerIndex products, the COVER hackers could have potentially cashed out the 7 other underlying tokens that makeup YETI by selling off their minted COVER tokens.


The COVER team has released an official post-morterm detailing the exploit and their plans to roll out a compensation plan for any COVER token holders before block #11541219.

Despite the recent exploit, the core team plans on moving ahead with their V2 launch in Q12021. To keep up with Cover, follow them on Twitter.