CoinList is a token sales geared towards early adopters of blockchain projects. From protocol tokens to securities, more and more digital assets are being created daily. CoinList’s goal is to manage the logistical, compliance, and regulatory load that inevitably comes with launching a new financial instrument. By providing this guidance, companies creating new digital assets can focus more on building world-changing products.

Token creators using CoinList benefit from an audited KYC and AML compliance process, a growing network of investors, and an established full-service token sale facilitation process.

Investors using CoinList can benefit from the rigorous diligence process performed before any projects are approved and an intuitive platform for token trading and participating in secondary auctions.

In a partner product called CoinList Build, CoinList partners with industry-leading companies to host a suite of virtual hackathons.

Coinlist Lending Rates


CoinList was incorporated as an independent company after AngelList and Protocol Labs collaborated to run FileCoin’s token sale in 2017.

The President of CoinList is Andy Bromberg, who was previously a Co-Founder and CEO of Sidewire and Co-Founder of the Stanford Bitcoin Group while studying math and computer science there. The current CEO is Graham Jenkin, who was previously the COO at AngelList and led UX teams at Google and Bank of America. Other co-founders of CoinList are Paul Menchov, Joshua Slayton, and Brian Tubergen, all of whom were former AngelList employees.

CoinList held a Series A funding round that concluded in April 2018 with a total of $9.2 Million raised from 6 investors. In October 2019, the team announced another $10 Million raised in a venture round led by Jack Dorsey, the Co-Founder and CEO of both Twitter and Square.

Why CoinList?

CoinList has been around for nearly 3 years and has gained a strong reputation for working with reputable projects. Their investors are some of the leading venture capital names in the blockchain/crypto space, and they have a top-notch regulation compliance process. As of this writing, they have facilitated over $800 Million in token sales for Blockstack, Origin Protocol, Ocean Protocol, Solana, and more. CoinList has proven that they can facilitate token sales for a variety of companies and allow them to focus more on the technical aspects that come with building a new financial system.

For the modern crypto investor, CoinList has extremely useful functionality natively integrated in the platform. Users can participate in token sales, access their wallet, trade tokens, and participate in secondary auctions all from one site. Before CoinList, all of these functions would take place across a variety of platforms resulting in more of a fragmented user experience.

CoinList Lend

CoinList Lend was launched in mid-2019 and caters towards those looking to earn a passive return on their assets. At the time of writing, CoinList supports the lending and borrowing of 12 different assets:

CoinList Lend users are able to borrow tokens at a fixed daily rate for a period of 1 to 30 days after posting collateral ranging from 115-160% of the borrowed amount. Lenders benefit by receiving 80% of the total accumulated interest, and both parties remain anonymous to each other through the whole process. The general mechanics of CoinList Lend are shown below:

Other Products & Features

CoinList has an integrated wallet where users can deposit crypto or USD through ACH or wire transfer. Due to regulations, US citizens must pass a KYC process before their wallet functionality is unlocked. A wallet is required to use other CoinList features, meaning that once KYC is passed the user also unlocks trading and auction functionality.

At the time of writing, CoinList trading supports BTC, ETH, and ALGO, each with USD and USDC trading pairs. Users can also trade ETH/BTC and ALGO/BTC pairs. The trading fees are static at 0.5% of each trade, with a minimum fee of $0.25 or crypto equivalent. Trading is allowed in all US states/territories except AK, CT, HI, LA, MN, NC, NV, NY, Puerto Rico, TX, US Virgin Islands, and WA. Refer to CoinList’s legal disclosures page for up-to-date information on trading pairs, fees, and locational availability.

CoinList’s Token Sale Manager feature (formerly ComplyAPI) has facilitated token sales for 11 crypto projects as of March 2020, totalling $800 Million in sales from 10,000+ investors. The functionality is designed with both the issuer and end-user in mind, making the process as seamless as possible. Token sales can be customized to meet the company’s needs, and users are able to place bids early or bid live with settlement automatically occurring in their CoinList wallet.

At the end of 2019, CoinList added secondary auction functionality to their platform. These auctions are designed to concentrate liquidity into smaller windows, allowing users to buy and sell tokens at fair prices without the use of market makers. Auctions are held periodically for different tokens, and there is a 1% fee for executed orders.

CoinList Build is a separate product for hosting virtual hackathons. CoinList partners with innovative companies to run hackathons where developers can earn prizes and swag while building applications for the future. Previous hackathons have been hosted by 0x, Chainlink, IDEO, and other industry-leading companies.

CoinList’s newest development is a platform for conducting compliant airdrops. Token issuers can reach up to 4 million users across CoinList, AngelList, and Product Hunt, with identity verification requirements to prevent anyone from using multiple accounts.

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