BAT Cryptocurrency Lending Rates

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based token, created to facilitate the exchange of value in the digital advertising industry.

It’s designed for use within the Brave internet browser, to pay publishers for displaying ads and to compensate browser users for their attention.

Brave is an open-source browser that focuses on privacy, which anonymously measures user attention on a ledger system. This information is used to determine how successful or engaging an ad is, and correspondingly compensate both the viewer and the publisher.

Via this marketplace of attention, BAT aims to display fewer (yet more relevant) ads to Brave browser users.

BAT was funded via an ICO in 2017. It raised USD$35 million worth of Ether in exchange for 1 billion BAT tokens. The rest of the supply (500 million BAT) was kept by the team, for development and promotion.

BAT DeFi Lending Platforms & Dapps


MakerDAO is the protocol behind the Dai stablecoin, which exists on the Ethereum Network. It has the most value locked out of any existing DeFi protocol.

As of November 18th 2019, Dai will be collateralized with multiple assets, rather than just Ether (ETH).

Dai is issued to users who supply an excess amount of supported assets to the protocol as collateral.

Users can use these Dai tokens to purchase other assets, while still retaining exposure to their collateralized tokens. This effectively provides the borrower with a margin-long position.

Users can also hedge cryptocurrency positions by selling them for Dai via an exchange, in times of market uncertainty.

Compound Finance

Aside from MakerDAO, Compound Finance is the largest DeFi platform on Ethereum.

It facilitates the lending and borrowing of a wide range of Ethereum tokens including BAT, at automatically-adjusted floating rates.

Lending on Compound is flexible in duration, and funds can be withdrawn at any time.

Nuo Network

Nuo Network is a DeFi lending and trading platform, which also supports a large selection of Ethereum-based tokens.

Loans are capped in duration, but can be terminated at any time before this date by the lender. Principal and interest payments are made automatically, once the loan is terminated.

Nuo is somewhat strange with its management of interest rates. Borrowing rates are fixed, but lending rates are floating.

The decentralized exchange on Nuo is supported by Kyber Network, and offers margin trading of up to 3x leverage.

Best BAT Exchanges


Binance is an extremely popular exchange, which was founded in 2017.

The global Binance platform has a huge selection of tradable assets, as well as excellent trading volume. Daily volumes of over $1 billion are commonplace for Binance.

The United States has its own Binance US exchange, which aims to adhere more closely to US rules and regulations. As a result of this, it has a smaller coin selection than the global version.

BAT Trading Volume: ~$5.2M (November 2019)

Number of BAT Trading Pairs: 6

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, which is well known for its user-friendliness and ease-of-use.

It is often the go-to exchange for first-time buyers of cryptocurrency, who do not want to deal with complex trading user interfaces.

Coinbase Pro, however, is a more advanced version of Coinbase, which offers a wider range of assets and trading tools.

BAT Trading Volume: ~$1.2M (November 2019)

Number of BAT Trading Pairs: 2


Bittrex is a major exchange which was founded in the United States in 2013. It has since changed its location, now being headquartered in Liechtenstein.

Like Binance, it has a huge range of coins and tokens available for trading, however tends to have lower trading volumes.

Unfortunately for many international users, Bittrex has recently withdrawn services from 31 countries due to regulatory concern.

BAT Trading Volume: ~$0.25M (November 2019)

Number of BAT Trading Pairs: 4

BAT Lending FAQ

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Why should I lend my BAT?

If you’re not actively using your BAT via the Brave browser or BAT ecosystem, you may want to consider lending your tokens.

Rather than parking your BAT tokens in an inactive wallet, you can instead earn interest by lending them to other users.

Why should I borrow BAT?

Borrowing BAT could be done for various reasons.

One may be to participate in the BAT ecosystem, without selling other coins. By borrowing against your ETH or other tokens, you could acquire BAT for a limited time, and pay it back once you’re done.

Another reason may be to take a synthetic margin-short position, by borrowing BAT to sell on the open market, in an effort to purchase them back at a lower price.