BarnBridge – a cross-platform fluctuation derivatives protocol – announced the close of a $1M seed round yesterday afternoon led by Fourth Revolution Capital and ParaFi.

BarnBridge aims to tokenize risk with fixed yield and volatility tranche products. This round of funding is meant to cover the development of BarnBridgeDAO and its core products like the Smart Yield Bond. More on these products can be found in the full article.

Despite some VC involvement, BarnBridge seems very community-oriented as evidenced by their token distribution, which has 68% of all tokens going to the community and liquidity mining farming incentives.

The BarnBridge marketing team seems very in tune with the current developments in DeFi and even provided some very inspiring takeaways from the whole Chef Nomi SushiSwap debacle.


Risk management is still a largely untapped market in DeFi, with Nexus Mutual frequently being the first to come to mind. This news may have gone under the radar due to other announcements by DeFi leaders like YFI today, but make no mistake BarnBridge and their BOND token is definitely worth keeping tabs on.


The protocol will enable users to reduce the risk of digital assets and digital asset yield sensitivity by building more efficient debt & yield based derivatives. Not too much about the BOND token itself has been publicly shared but the BarnBridge team has teased that it will likely be available in October 2020.


Who runs BarnBridge?

BarnBridge will leverage a Launch DAO comprised of the Founders, Seeders, and Advisors who make decisions based on stake-weighted voting. As token distribution commences, control of BarnBridge protocol will shift to the BarnBridge DAO which will be controlled by BOND token holders.

In the future, BarnBridge DAO will have full control over the protocol and any potential changes that are may be made. The first minimum viable product that we’ll see from the BarnBridge team will be launched 24 weeks from now, according to their roadmap on Github.


So far the project seems to be making very good strategic decisions. Their choice to go with a DAO structure from the onset was well received by the community and interested readers can even view their public project calls on youtube.

Based on all signs above, BarnBridge is certainly one worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

In the meantime, be sure to stay up with the project on Twitter.