– the smart cover aggregator for DeFi –Β  recently announced 2 new liquidity pools that are incentivized with ARMOR tokens.

There are quite a few options for liquidity providers holding other assets that want to earn ARMOR, for the full list check out

Armor enables investors to access pay as you go smart contract coverage for their favourite DeFi protocols. At the moment all the coverage available through Armor is powered by Nexus Mutual. Ultimately the goal of Armor is to create a coverage system that can keep up with the needs of the modern DeFi investor, where users can be billed by the second without upfront costs or fixed duration requirements.

Armor’s strategic investors include Collider Ventures, Divergence Ventures, Alameda Research, as well as Bering Waters Ventures.

Beyond earning tokens from providing liquidity and staking their purchased cover, users can also purchase tokens when they are available through Armor.Fi’s institutional partner. In anticipation of the investors who might want to own Armor tokens in larger quantities, the team has partnered with Bering Waters OTCΒ  to service institutional buyers in the secondary market.

The choice to go with Bering Waters was due to the fact that there are few firms in the space that can handle the trading of unreleased tokens and liquid tokens listed on low-liquidity markets at scale. Since Armor aims to bring professional investors into DeFi, it makes sense to provide an official process for the sale of tokens on the secondary market. The Bering Waters team can be reached at [email protected]

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