UMA Protocol has followed up their original reveal of the new KPI options program reveal with additional details on who exactly will be receiving these reward tokens. The KPI options airdrop looks to target the existing UMA community and a qualifying selection of governance participants across popular DeFi protocols.

As a quick refresher, the UMA KPI Option tokens will have future redemption value linked to the success of the chosen KPI metric, in this case, the UMA team has chosen total value locked as their success metric. To check if any of your wallets have been included in this airdrop, check the full list of recipient addresses here.

There are two general buckets of UMA Option token recipients, various members of the existing UMA community and members of the listed DeFi protocols listed in the tweet above.

For the UMA community, option tokens were rewarded as follows:

  • If you have ever voted or minted — 120 option tokens
  • Hold 10+ UMA in a self-custody wallet — 60 option tokens
  • Top 50 UMA Discord participant — 100 option tokens

Outside of that, Snapshot voters for Yearn, Yam, Sushi, BadgerDAO, and Balancer all received 90 option tokens. Note that rewards do not stack so even if you participated in multiple protocols the maximum amount of UMA tokens you can receive is still capped at 90.

At the time of writing, UMA option tokens can not be claimed yet. The team will make additional announcements once the tokens are live and share the official token claiming site. Once users have tokens in hand the collaborative journey of increasing the total value locked in UMA protocol begins.

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